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Legal notes on the privacy law
Legislative Decree No. 196/03 - Personal Data Protection
Data Manager and Persons in Charge of using personal data
In accordance with Article No. 13, para 1 ( f) of Legislative Decree No. 196 dated 30.06.2003, the following information is provided to parties whose personal data will be used by the " Boscolo Tours spa" with registered offices in Via Uruguay,
47 - 35127 Padova - Italy P.IVA 05277381009.

The Data Manager is " Boscolo Tours spa".
The physical person currently acting as the legal representative of the " Boscolo Tours spa ", is Mr. Giorgio Boscolo, residing for this purpose c/o " Boscolo Tours spa" with registered offices in Via Uruguay, 47 - 35127 Padova Tel. +39 0497620111 e Fax +39 0497620110 - gruppi@boscolo.com.

The " Boscolo Tours spa ", represented for the web-site by Stefano Nordio, residing for this purpose c/o " Boscolo Tours spa " with registered offices in Via Uruguay, 47 - 35127 Padova con Tel. +39 0497620111 e Fax +39 0497620110, hereby informs that all the information contained in this website has been carefully checked to ensure that the data, texts and illustrations contained herein are correct; there may, however, be some involuntary errors and omissions for which the Boscolo Tours spa shall neither be held responsible nor shall it give any guarantee.

The Boscolo Tours spa shall not be held responsible for any failure to update the information contained in the website and reserves the right to correct, update and modify the information at any time and without any notice.
The information contained in this site, shall not be used or considered as an offer to sell shares to the public or in general,
or for contractual statements and therefore has no legal and/or juridical value. The responsibility for any acts or facts,
arising on the basis of, or with regard to such information, shall be attributed solely to the authors of such acts or facts.
The Boscolo Tours spa declines any responsibility whatsoever for any damages and/or prejudices, of a commercial and financial nature, resulting from the consultation of this site and/or use of the information contained herein.
Any person modifying or altering the pages of this site for any purpose whatsoever shall be held responsible for any
possible damages to third parties from undue use of the data arising from such modifications or alterations.
The information is the property of the Boscolo Tours spa and its reproduction, storage and or/adaptation, whether in full or
in part, in any manner, is not permitted without the written authorisation of the Boscolo Tours spa.